What are Dentures and Types of Dentures

What are Dentures and Types of Dentures

The Dentures Definition:

You landed here because you don’t know what are dentures? So for you here we are going to put you out of curiosity by stating the dentures definition. Dentures are basically a replacement of removable teeth with a missing one along with the supporting tissues. There are two types of dental dentures. The first one is known as partial dentures, and the other one is complete dentures or full dentures. Full dentures are used only then when all of the teeth of a person are missing, and the partial dentures are used only then when some of the natural teeth are remaining. Mostly old people use dental dentures. Got a little idea of dentures meaning? After reading new few paragraphs, you will not old get a clear idea about dentures meaning but you will also learn about types of Dentures.

Full Dentures:

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Full or complete dentures can be of two types further. Immediate dentures and permanent dentures. After the teeth are removed after rotting or decay dentist take the size of your jaw and give the dentures for making. Meanwhile, your gums tissues are healed. A permanent denture is ready for placement in your mouth for after about eight weeks of teeth removal.

The second type of full dentures is immediate dentures. These dentures are placed immediately after your teeth are removed from your jaw. This helps the person not to be without teeth during the healing period of your gums. So you will think that why do you have to wait for eight or ten weeks for the conventional dentures to fit in your mouth whereas you can easily place immediate dentures also known as same day dentures right after the removal. This can save you from embarrassment as well. But you don’t see what the problem is. When your teeth are removed your jaw gets weak and injured, and it needs time to heal. Now in this healing process of eight to ten weeks, your teeth bones and gums shrink and change their body over the time until they are fully healed. So if you have fixed dentures installed in your mouth right after the removal, as the time will pass your dentures will not adjust in your mouth as the bones and the gums would have been shrunk. So the disadvantage of these dentures is that you have to get them replaced as they are not adjusted well in your mouth.

Partial Dentures:

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Partial dentures are not fixed in the mouth; rather they are removable. They are a full replacement of teeth attached to an artificial gum jaw that has a plastic or rubber base. These are also sometimes connected by metal framework that holds dentures in place when they are in your mouth. These temporary dentures are mostly placed when one or more teeth are available and in good condition in your mouth in the lower or upper jaw. A bridge is placed on either side of the natural teeth, and crowning is done before you get your flexible partial dentures. The ridge is cemented very carefully in the right place. Partial denture basically fills up all the places created by your missing teeth and also it restrains other teeth from changing places and wearing. These are very natural looking teeth but are removable. They are less costly than fixed dentures. These have internal attachments that get them locked with crowns.

Mostly old people who cannot afford permanent dentures or artificial teeth get these new dentures that are easily removable. They only use it for eating purpose otherwise these dentures are not worn on a regular basis. Furthermore, you must try to keep your dentures clean at all times so that bad dentures do not infect your bones and gums. The dentist may give you chemical water that you have to keep for dentures. Whenever you are not wearing them, you can place them in it.

Is There Any Replacement For Dental Dentures?

Yes, implant supported dentures are the replacement for them. But you see they are thrice as expensive as any type of denture. Implant supported dentures are actually the fixed in artificial jaw teeth that work and look same as your natural teeth did. You cannot find a difference between these implanted teeth and natural ones. They both are same. But they resemble real teeth. But one thing should be kept in mind that not every person can get an implanted teeth as it talks a proper surgery and time taking healing process so if you don’t have a strong enough jaw bone or teeth bone or gums it is Impossible for you to get implanted teeth. These teeth can only be installed in a mouth having healthy gums.

They cost around 200 to 300 dollars per teeth to be implanted in your mouth so it’s up to you to take the decision whether your mouth can afford permanent teeth or not.

These implanted teeth are no irremovable, unlike the other dentures. Other dentures were removed to give rest to your gums as wearing them for a longer time period can cause your jaw to stress out.

Are Dental Dentures Different in Look?

Dentures are made in a design that closely resembles your natural teeth, however, wearing them at first can cause embarrassment and odd. It can also take a few weeks for your cheek muscles to loosen up to given these dentures some space to fit in so it can be tough at first. All of the problems can go away as time passes and your mouth adjusts itself according to the upper dentures and the lower dentures.

Permanent dentures can improve your facial look as they are all intact and in perfect shape, unlike your natural teeth, so they can also improve your facial look and your smile.

Eating with new dentures can so be a little difficult, and it needs some practice, but you can master it in a few days, so you have to worry about it. You just have to take care of your gums and your mouth.

Now you would have a clear idea about what are dentures, and you would have read here the answers of various questions which were coming in your mind regarding the dentures. You can put your comment below if you have any question about dentures or if you want to give some feedback about our efforts to provide you with complete information about the dental dentures. We always love to hear from you.

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