Teeth Grinding – Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatment

Teeth Grinding – Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatment

You might have seen people, mostly the kids scrunching their teeth. If it’s their habit and they often do it then medically it is termed as bruxism or simply “teeth grinding”. Teeth grinding apparently seems harmless like many other habits kids often adopt but in the long run, it may damage their teeth and it can also cause some serious oral health issues. We will learn more about teeth grinding causes and how to stop teeth grinding later in this post. Keep reading!

Stimuli of Teeth Grinding

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It’s a common observation that people scrunch or grind their teeth when they are angry, in stress or when they thinking deeply while sitting idle. Some of the people grind their teeth even when they are sleeping. Teeth grinding during the sleep is often because of sleep disorder. There can be other reasons as well and we will study these triggers in the coming paragraphs.

Teeth Grinding Symptoms

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Most of the people and kids grind their teeth while they are sleeping. That’s the reason most of the people can’t exactly know if they grind their teeth or not. Now how do they know if they are grinding teeth at night while they are asleep? 

If a person is involved in grinding teeth during sleep, he might be having mild yet a continuous headache with a sore jaw after getting up. The other sources from where you can get know if you grind teeth during sleep are your partner sleeping with you. Parents can easily observe their kids if they are grinding teeth while sleeping. Teeth grinding creates a sound and this sound can be heard easily by the person sleeping beside you. 

Your dentist, if he or she is able enough, can also reveal if you are grinding teeth during the night. A little yet careful examination can reveal to a dentist if the patient is grinding teeth.

Harms of Teeth Grinding

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Teeth grinding is often seemed like a harmless activity but in reality, bruxism or teeth grinding at night is harmful. Some of the harms attached to teeth grinding at night are:

• Teeth loosening,
• Tooth fracture,
• Tooth loss, and
• Tender jaw

Bruxism, if not treated in time, may leave no option for you except the painful and expensive treatments like root canal, bridges, dentures and implants.

How to Stop Grinding Teeth?

how to stop grinding teeth

Most of the dentists recommend a mouth guard for teeth grinding. If a person gets sure that he has bruxism, then he must visit the dentist. The dentist will fit the mouth guard for teeth grinding at night. Consult your doctor for anti-stress medication if the stress and tension is the main stimulus for teeth grinding. 

Certain exercises are best to get relief from stress. You can consult your physiotherapist and he or she may recommend some exercise program to follow. Exercise will not only give you relief from stress but it will also improve your sleeping. 

Apart from mouth guard for teeth grinding and exercise programs, we are also going to share some tips to tell how to stop grinding teeth. 

• Caffeine excites emotions and thinking and it may cause you over thinking and stress. Stress may lead to teeth grinding so, avoid taking such foods which may have caffeine. Commonly consumed foods and drinks which have caffeine are coffee, chocolate, tea and cola drinks.
• Avoid giving extra activity to your jaws by chewing gums, pen, pencil or any other thing like that. 
• Alcohol and alcoholic drinks may intensify your feelings and emotions and hence you may start grinding your teeth. Avoid consuming alcohol or any alcoholic drink.
• Keep an eye on you and stay alert so that you may stop yourself as you find yourself grinding teeth.

Baby Grinding Teeth

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More than adults, you will observe baby grinding teeth. According to reports and stats, there is almost 30% toddler grinding teeth in the world. And that means one in every third baby grind teeth. When the baby loses their teeth and gets permanent teeth, it may create a little irritation or something which excites them to grind teeth. It is the time when the parents have to keep an eye on their kids grinding teeth. As they observe their baby grinding teeth, they should stop them. Don’t let them grind their teeth because it may harm their teeth and oral health.

Other common reasons for baby grinding teeth are:

  1. Improper sleep
  2. Allergies
  3. Improper diet
  4. Pain or illness

Now we will tell you how to stop your baby grinding teeth at night or even in the day time. Here are tips to stop your baby or toddler grinding teeth:

• Don’t give your kids any reason to cry before sleep. Try to make them happy else stress and anxiety may lead to grinding teeth in children during sleep.
• Give your toddler muscle relaxing massage so that they may have sound sleep.
• Take proper care of their diet and give them plenty of water during the day. 

If you are taking proper care of your baby’s diet and sleep and even then you observed your kids grinding teeth, consult your dentist and act upon the recommendations.

Now let’s sum up our discussion on teeth grinding as we have given almost every possible information about teeth grinding. You might have got all the answers about teeth grinding causes & how to stop teeth grinding. To most people, teeth grinding may not have any harm and it is nothing but a habit.

But after reading this post, you might have got a clear idea of what teeth grinding actually is and why it’s not just a habit but an illness caused by some medical reasons. And lots of harms are attached to this simple looking illness. Next time you observe your kid, friend, partner or even yourself grinding teeth, don’t just ignore it rather take proper action to get rid of this annoying and irritating teeth grinding.

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