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Gum Disease
sore gums

Gums are the softest part of your mouth and also one of the most important ones. Gum tissues are naturally soft and very sensitive. You might have felt some pain and pressure between your teeth or over your gums sometimes. In some case, you may also feel it on the back of your mouth. Sore gums can be often sweet and bleed too. Sore swollen gums do not have visible symptoms. You might also notice that this pain in your gums is more severe when you brush your teeth and floss them. You may also feel pain when you are using a strong or harsh mouthwash. Especially mouthwash having alcohol in them have this issue a lot. Keep reading below to get awareness about sore gums causes and sore gums treatment! In the end, you won’t have to ask why are my gums sore?

Before moving towards the Sore gums causes; let’s just discuss the oral conditions.


sore gums

It is one of the basic forms of gum disease. And this disease is very common among all ages and genders. This can cause swelling, irritation, and redness in your gums especially in the lower parts of your teeth. Gingivitis can easily tear your healthy gums and can make them bleed easily. This can also cause sore gums. So now you must know the answer to why are my gums sore.

The symptoms of sore and swollen gums due to gingivitis include:

  1. Receding Gums
  2. Bad breath
  3. Puffy gums
  4. Tender and red gums

This is normally caused by poor oral hygiene. Sore gums and teeth are a result of you not brushing your teeth in the proper way. If you don’t brush your teeth twice a day, you can get a plaque, and this plaque is responsible for all the mess and all the mess. Sore gums after flossing are because you didn’t floss them before getting sore.

Now that you have kept your teeth really dirt for such a long time you must now get dental treatment. Get your teeth thoroughly cleaned by a dentist. It would help you get rid of plaque.


Oral thrush is more commonly known as a fungal infection. This invention affects your mouth very badly, and can is an answer to your question, what are Sore gums causes. In this condition, an overgrown fungus candida dominates your cavities. This is the same fungus which is responsible for vaginal infections. Oral thrush is very common in infants. Also, people related to the medical fraternity who spend most of the time in hospitals can also get this infection.

The symptoms of this are white spots on your inner cheeks and tongue. Some people say that it looks like cottage cheese. These spots can spread to your gums easily and can cause them to be red sore gums.

So how to treat sore gums and teeth? Sore gums in this problem can be treated by brushing regularly and using antifungal medications. These usually come in tablets or liquids.


sore gums causes

This is a more advanced form of gingivitis. If you don’t treat gingivitis for a long time, it can turn into this very much easier. This is an infection caused by plaque build up. This plaque attacks tissues and teeth bone, and this is what causes sore gums and bleeding. Your teeth can also get loose easily and eventually you may suffer from tooth decay or tooth loss.

It has the same symptoms as the above:

  • Sore Swollen gums
  • Red gums
  • Purple gums
  • Bleeding in gums
  • Gum abscesses
  • New spaces between your teeth
  • Pain while chewing anything
  • Change in bite

Sore gums treatment is hard as it’s a painful disease. So what to do for sore gums? You need professional sore gums treatment and cleaning from a dentist. Let a professional treat because he knows how to heal sore gums. So instead of seeing and telling yourself why are my gums sore, so immediately to a dentist and get them cleaned and treated.

Sore gums in a woman:

There are many reasons from which a woman can get sore swollen gums, let’s find out what they are.

Hormonal changes:

Hormonal changes, especially in women, can cause bleeding gums. Hormones released due to birth control pills and puberty are one of the biggest Sore gums causes. What happens is that these changes can alter the blood flow in your body. Which causes many problems one of which is sore and swollen gums.

Hormones can also have a very powerful effect on the way your body responds to plaque and toxins buildup by plaque.

Some of the symptoms are:

  • Red gums
  • Puffy gums
  • Tender Gums
  • Bleeding gums


During pregnancy, hormones get excited and can cause many problems in your body especially in your mouth. You get sore gums so get taste issues. This increase can also increase the risk of infections.

So what is sore gums treatment in pregnancy? There is no such cure for pregnancy-related sore gums, but yes they easily go away right after you give birth.


Women can also get oral issues during periods. Periods can cause hormonal changes which cause hormones to affect your mouth and mood. You can really stress out and can get sore gums for sure in this period. It is recommended that you relax and just get some mint and keep your mouth clean and cool at all the times so that you do not feel much pain.

Sore gums due to menopause can go away easily as soon as your period’s end.

The bottom line!

Sore gums and teeth are not something you might want to ignore. You must notice a change in your mouth on a regular basis. If you see any swelling and bleeding get it treated right away as it can badly affect your oral hygiene and health. Try to start the sore gums treatment as early as possible and most important of all try just no to ruin your teeth cleaning routine. You may just clean your teeth regularly to save yourself from bleeding and sore gums and teeth. Don’t ever neglect visits to a dentist. If you cannot afford then get in touch with an online dentist, he will tell you the right thing to do moreover he will suggest the best remedy for your teeth.

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