Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening

Well, today in this already judgemental world what are the chances that a person will not want white teeth? Teeth whitening request has become the highest one as reported by dentists. Some people ask for it because they are embarrassed, some ask for it as they are mocked for yellow ones. Whatever the reason maybe white teeth have gained importance over time. This is because of the only reason that white teeth portray good hygiene and a handsome look of you. Teeth whitening is defined as the process of making your teeth whitish. Mostly teeth whitening is done through products which cause a change in your tooth enamel rather than removing surface stains and plaque. This is considered safe with some doctors but this is not the case in laser teeth whitening.

Laser teeth whitening is one of the widely used options to get white teeth all over the world. It may also be one of the options available at your dental clinic and can be recommended by your dentist. This treatment is not for everyone as it needs product safety and a great efficacy to get good and positive results making sure that there are no side effects.

In this article on request and questions of you guys about laser teeth whitening, we will give you the complete and brief details of it so keep reading below to get the best results and information. We have heard and answered all your queries and questions that you’ve been asking us!

How does Laser Teeth Whitening Works!

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It is also said to be the last way and the most expensive way to get white teeth. You can get this treatment in a laser dental office exclusively, not all dentists and dental clinics have this facility so you have to look for it. In this method; Bleach is applied to your teeth and heat is generated by the laser to enhance the effect of bleaching and speeding up the process. In this procedure, dentists use a very strong and harsh bleaching gel along with the laser which gives them immediate and 100 percent positive results.

According to some dental associations, the gel that is used as a bleaching agent in laser teeth whitening process is hydrogen peroxide that has around 40% concentration levels. With this much amount of hydrogen peroxide, it is important that you take precautions to protect your gums, lips and all of your oral tissues and organs. This amount of hydrogen peroxide can easily damage your oral tissues so it’s best that you take precautions. Some of the precautions are:

  • Rubber dams to protect your gums
  • Toothpaste which gives prevention from teeth sensitivity.
  • Application of fluoride
  • Retractors to protect cheeks.

According to laser teeth whitening reviews by people and dentists, this is a sure shot way to get white teeth but as mentioned earlier it is costly and is considered as the last option so people often ask these questions from us; Is laser teeth whitening safe? And some also ask that how long does laser teeth whitening last. Well – read more about how much cost do you have to fulfill your need!

How Much does Laser Teeth Whitening Costs?

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On average laser teeth whitening cost is around 650 dollars. This is actually also the exact cost of zoom laser teeth whitening. In other professional procedures which have minimum laser teeth, whitening side effects can cost you around up to 1000 dollars. So this is the average cost you have to spend over the procedure of instant teeth whitening.

Some of the things that should be kept in mind are that laser teeth whitening price and procedures are different around the world. Not entirely different but slightly different.

Does Teeth Whitening Laser Treatment Actually Work?

As mentioned earlier it is one of the costly and the last procedures to get you white teeth. This is a sure shot treatment that takes about an hour in the dental office to get it done.

Some important facts about this treatment are that it is a cosmetic treatment and you cannot get it done under dental insurance or any dental compensation programs. Secondly, it is not yet declared safe by the dental associations of America. The Bureau of Seal of acceptance for safety and efficacy has not yet given its approval but it is approved by the food and drug administration. The problem is not teeth whitening the problem are actually the use of laser in dentistry. But this procedure has been in practice now for some years and so has gained popularity due to its results and efficiency. Laser teeth whitening before and after results are so convincing that a person can get ready to spend over a thousand dollars in no time.

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Well, the question remains unanswered yet, so yes it is not safe for your oral tissues and parts but yes it is safe if you use it with precautionary tools and full care.

We hope now you know what is laser teeth whitening and how important it is in the dental fraternity. Some tips we would like to give you before we wind up this article. You must avoid all kinds of food having food color immediately after the laser treatment. These include coffee, tea, wine, fizzy drinks, candies, ketchup and other food products having color in them. You must use a straw to drink something to avoid sensitivity. And the last but not the least you must quit smoking as it can damage the teeth color and can have very bad effects after laser treatment.

One thing is sure that after this treatment the stain on your teeth will go away and you will have a shiny and crystal white smile and you will no longer be mocked or ignored.

You can share your experience of laser treatment with us and tell us about your journey from yellow to white teeth and how laser treatment helped you in it.

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