How to Stop Bleeding Gums with Simple Home Remedies

How to Stop Bleeding Gums with Simple Home Remedies

Ever got awkward while eating an apple and seeing your blood on the bitten part, or after brushing your teeth got a blood hint in your spit. Spitting blood is not normal at all, and you must take this seriously.

Do You have Healthy Gums?

Healthy gums are very vital for healthy teeth; gums are actually made up of small tissues which cover your teeth bones just like your skin covers your body bones. Gums act like a seal on your teeth which prevents bacteria from entering your inner cavities. Gums are usually of pink color, but it may vary according to the origin of your teeth bone.

Where Does the Gum Problem Start From?

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If you notice bleeding gums, then the main reason for it can be a plaque that has been collected at the edge of your gum. Now what happens is that if you don’t brush or floss your teeth regularly, plaques start to develop on your tooth gums. This plaque can damage your gums and can cause bleeding, this early disease of gums is called as gingivitis!

Now if you don’t treat gingivitis and ignore the bleeding and swelling completely, then you will get periodontitis which is an almost incurable tooth disease which can eventually result in tooth loss. In periodontitis, your gums develop pockets allowing plaque to move to the base of your teeth bone and destroy it completely.

How to Stop Bleeding Gums?

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Now that you have noticed your bleeding gums you must now think on how to stop gum bleeding immediately before the problem gets worse. One thing must be crystal clear to you that you don’t have healthy gums as bleeding is not a sign of healthy gums. You must talk to your dentist about bleeding gums.

Keep one thing in mind that it is likely that your gums are bleeding because of plaque but there may be other reasons. For instance, brushing your teeth roughly can cause bleeding or using any medications may also cause bleeding. But bleeding due to these reasons is once in a blue moon scene. Bleeding gums due to plaque can be noticed regularly while brushing or spitting.

How to Stop Gum Bleeding Immediately? We’ve Got Six Simple Steps!!!

  1. Start using a toothpaste having fluoride in it as fluoride helps your gums build stronger. Brush for two minutes twice a day, and you will get healthy gums in some time.
  2. When you brush to make sure you don’t miss any part of your mouth. Clean thoroughly every part so that plaques can be removed/
  3. Buy a new toothbrush every six months. And make sure you don’t brush your teeth roughly as you won’t be able to remove plaque more quickly, but you will wear your tooth enamel for sure. Be gentle while cleaning your teeth.
  4. For the inner part of your teeth and mouth brush your teeth vertically, and for the outer part or for your smile clean in a circular motion. This will clean your gums more efficiently.
  5. Use interdental brushes or floss to clear up plaque from between your teeth.
  6. And most importantly clean your tongue thrice a day by a tongue cleaner or your brush.

How Do I Know that I Have Serious Gum Disease?

The following symptoms will show that you have gum disease.

Home Remedies for Bleeding Gums

So are you thinking of how to stop bleeding gums in the mouth at home? Don’t worry follow the following bleeding gums home remedies. All below home remedies for bleeding gums are helps to get instant result.

Brush regularly!

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We have given the detail of brushing on the top so we will move further to the next bleeding gums remedy!

Rinse Your Mouth Regularly with Hydrogen Peroxide!

Use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth regularly wash after you brush your teeth if you are thinking of how to cure bleeding gums at home. but make sure you don’t swallow it as it can damage your digestion. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the widely used oral disinfectants all over the world. Its regular use can heal your gums as it removes plaques more efficiently.

Stop Smoking Immediately!

If you are thinking of how to heal bleeding gums immediately, then you must quit smoking immediately. Smoking will help the plaque get strong. Furthermore, smoking can cause cancer in your mouth. According to recent reports, smoking is the largest cause of gum cancer in the US.

Reduce Stress!

If you are thinking of how to stop bleeding gums, then one thing must be clear to you that stress will only trigger the situation and won’t help you with any healing. Stress has a very negative effect on your body’s immune system, and it can make the situation worse to handle. So above all remedies for bleeding gums, one must relax and make sure that he doesn’t stress out.

Add Vitamin C to Your Diet

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Home remedies for bleeding gums include adding vitamin C to your diet as vitamin C is very good for your health. The intake of Vitamin C makes your bones, nails and most importantly your teeth healthy so make sure if you are thinking on how to get rid of bleeding gums fast then use vitamin C in your diet.

Oranges, sweet potatoes, red pepper, and carrots are the natural sources of vitamin C. Other than these you can also take vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin K as a Bleeding Gum Remedy!

If you are thinking of how to treat bleeding gums, then you must increase the intake of vitamin K in your diet. Vitamin k makes sure the healing process of your body is at its best, but if your gums are bleeding continuously, then there is a possibility that you are vitamin K deficient.
Start eating spinach, collard greens, Kale, and mustard greens. All of these are the best source of vitamin K. However; you can also take supplements as recommended by a doctor.

Cold Compress!

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If you are thinking of how to stop gums from bleeding by using natural home remedies for bleeding gums, then you must apply a cold compress to your gums. A cold compress is a process of cooling your gums by an ice towel or any cloth wrapped over ice. You can gently massage ice over your gums. It will help your gums loose inflammation and stop bleeding immediately. Do this process for at least 20 minutes twice a day. This is the oldest homemade remedy for bleeding gums.

Eat Fewer Carbs!

If you are thinking of how to fix bleeding gums by just changing your diet, then you must reduce the intake of carbs in your diet. According to recent research reducing carbohydrates in your diet also makes your bleeding gums treat more easily and more quickly.

Green Tea!

Home remedies for bleeding gums and bad breath include using green tea. Drink green tea three to ten times a day to get rid of bleeding gums and bad breath. Green tea contains catechin which works as a natural antioxidant. This helps treat bleeding gums more quickly.

Use Salt Water!

Using salt water is one of the oldest remedies for bleeding gums and other oral diseases. Salt acts as a natural disinfectant and hence is efficient in cleaning your gums. Use the mixture as a mouthwash twice a day for best results.

After using all the above-mentioned tricks and remedies if you are still thinking that how to stop bleeding gums then you must visit a doctor because there is a chance that you may have gum cancer or any other serious disease which needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Before applying the above home remedies for bleeding gums, you ought to read the exact ways.

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