How to Help Wisdom Tooth Pain – Know Before You Go!

How to Help Wisdom Tooth Pain – Know Before You Go!

Tooth pain can be very painful and it can hurt your mouth very much. Wisdom tooth pain is so much severe that it can make you remove your wisdom teeth. However, this removal is also a painful procedure but it is for one time only. And so it is better than a pain that hits you on regular basis. If you have this pain then you must be looking for wisdom tooth pain relief. We have here collected some basic information about the wisdom tooth and the causes of its pain and its removal.

Actually what happens is that when your new teeth grow after the falling of milk teeth they develop over your jaw to their full size. This development and growth stop in your teenage and in almost 80 percent cases all of these teeth cover your jaw. Now wisdom teeth are those who develop in the late teens of a person or early twenty. The age defined by some recent reports are said to be nineteen to twenty-three. This the age span of when wisdom tooth grows and causes pain.

Now, what happens is that wisdom tooth when grows does not find space to develop itself because of the already developed molars and other teeth. Due to this problem the wisdom tooth causes pain. Let us discuss the causes of this pain in detail so that you know what to do and when to do!

Causes Of Wisdom Tooth Pain!

wisdom tooth pain relief

As mentioned earlier the cause of wisdom tooth pain is just the lack of space available to them to develop themselves. Now when this happens they tend to grow irregularly and they get into misalignment. Sometimes they grow horizontally, sometimes they grow towards the gums. Sometimes they disturb the path of the already present molars and canines. Sometimes they grow inwards and damage the nerves. All of these situations are present in one case or the other which causes pain and anxiety and stress to the person suffering from it. Now people often ask us two questions when they are going through this difficult time. The first one is how to get rid of wisdom tooth pain and how to stop wisdom tooth pain so that it doesn’t disturb your life. Yes! Having this pain means that you are having a very difficult time while eating drinking chewing or even when doing nothing. This pain can be unbearable and it can cause many problems for your mouth.

Wisdom Tooth Pain Symptoms!

wisdom tooth pain in jaw
  • Red and swollen gums are the sign of wisdom tooth gum pain.
  • Gums bleeding severely are a major sign of it.
  • Severe jaw pain is also considered to be a sign of this pain. It is also called as wisdom tooth pain in jaw.
  • Swelling around the jaw can also be a major sign of this pain.
  • Bad breath.
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth.
  • Difficulty in opening your mouth and eating is a sign of wisdom tooth growing pain.

How To Prevent Wisdom Tooth Pain?

how long does wisdom tooth pain last

People always ask us what is the key to wisdom tooth pain relief. Get it removed as soon as possible or see your dentist for the best possible solution. The answer to the question that how long does wisdom tooth pain last cannot be answered as it depends upon the severity of your case and the procedure used to remove it. This decides the time of recovery.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction!

Wisdom tooth extraction is very much painful and to reduce the pain doctors will give you sedation and anesthesia. Sedations to reduce your anxiety and anesthesia to numb your jaw and gums so that the pain you feel is minimum. If these are not used then you cannot bear the pain of wisdom tooth extraction and it can be very worse for you.

There are some ways that can help you prevent this severe pain!

  • Practicing good oral hygiene that includes brushing your teeth and flossing more often is the best way to save yourself from any oral disease and surgery.
  • Drinking water at least 8 times a day would help you flush off all the bacteria and infections from your mouth.
  • Avoiding sugary food will help you get rid of bacteria.

But the ultimate solution is to get it removed.

Recovery From Wisdom Tooth Extraction Pain!

You can recover in days to months depending upon the severity of the procedure or the surgery, it is a fact that the pain after a wisdom tooth extraction is severe but you can reduce it by taking medicine for wisdom tooth pain and using some home remedies.

Applying Numbing Gel!

The numbing gel is one of the most importantly used tools to relieve pain after tooth extraction.

Use Brufen:

Using brufen can help you relieve pain. It can soothe your nerves and can be a relaxant.

Applying Ice:

Applying cold compress is a very old phenomenon and has a historical origin. It can give peace to your swelled nerves and can help you fight stress levels.

There are many more remedies that include tea bag application, vanilla extract compress, clover oil and many more things which can help you reduce pain before and after extraction. But again we will like to clear you here that the proper solution to get rid of this pain is tooth removal or if any other way is to be found it must be found with the dentist and not on the web as it can make the situation worse and you can damage your jaw bones and oral tissues very badly if you treat this pain with ignorance.

You can always give us your feedback and share your experience of how you fought with the pain and how you got rid of it.

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