How to Deal with Buck Teeth

How to Deal with Buck Teeth

Buck’s teeth go by many names such as overjet, overbite or even bugs bunny teeth. People with bucked teeth often hear others call them by funny names and not even one is a pretty name. This is why people with buck teeth often find it disturbing.

What is Buck Teeth?

buck teeth meaning

For those of you, who don’t know what buck teeth mean, here are the buck teeth meaning;

Buck’s teeth are the misaligned teeth that mostly protrude out over the lip. The case of buck teeth ranges in severity and sometimes it is so much that your buck teeth cover the lower lip.

Buck teeth meaning can be understood from the below example;

Do you remember the Bucky Beaver from toothpaste commercial back in the 1950s? 
Yes, the teeth that seemed like they were hanging out of his mouth and extending down his face are actually how to buck teeth look like.

If you want to go in detail of buck teeth meaning,

Buck teeth or bugs bunny teeth can be minor or they can be severe. Minor buck teeth are two front teeth that are slightly prominent over incisors while in some cases they are so prominent, that the first thing you notice about the next person is their buck teeth.

Some people get it treated within time while some people rock the buck teeth till their older, it all depends upon how you choose to tackle it.

Buck Teeth in Medical

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For dentists, buck teeth meaning is a malocclusion in which the upper and lower teeth or even jaws are not in even relationship, also known as Bad Bite.

Whereas The normal jaw or upper and lower teeth are in complete relationship with each other, they fit over each other like a lid in a box. It is also known as Good Bite.

Causes of Buck Teeth

To better understand the buck teeth meaning, let’s move into the details such as what causes buck teeth;

1- Buck Teeth from Thumb sucking

buck teeth from thumbsucking

One of the many causes of buck teeth is buck teeth from thumb sucking.

In medical terms,

these habits are known as ‘Non-Nutritive sucking behavior’. Children usually have this habit of sucking their fingers in which the most common finger is the thumb. As unhealthy as it is, it should be avoided because, in reality, the child is not taking any nutrition in it.

This leads to buck teeth from thumb sucking.

Here’s how it occurs;

When a child sucks the thumb, a pressure is created as a result, which in turn creates a barrier. This all makes the permanent teeth originate at an irregular angle into the mouth.

Although this habit of sucking thumb in children is considered normal after the age of 4, it should be discouraged as it could result in buck teeth from thumb-sucking.

2- Jaw Size

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Another most common cause for buck teeth is the size of the jaw. When the upper and lower jaws don’t fit together, the buck teeth occur. In this case, the lower jaw is too small or in some cases, it is not in a normal position. These could be due to genetic impact or the growth of a jaw is disrupted or even because of injuries linked with the jaw. Degenerative arthritis is also a cause of bugs bunny teeth as it results in shortening of jaw size.

How to Fix Bucked Teeth

Now, That you have the required information on buck teeth meaning, we are here to tell you about how to fix bucked teeth.

1- Surgery

how to fix buck teeth

In severe cases in which the bugs bunny teeth are very prominent and are causing trouble while eating and speaking properly, surgery for buck teeth is required.

Especially, in the cases in which the buck teeth are due to the skeletal or improper jaw structure. The surgeon who deals with this kind of surgery is a maxillofacial surgeon. The surgeon moves the maxilla bones which are associated with the upper jaw, behind or the mandible associated with the lower jaw ahead. This is a method on how to fix bucked teeth is used in crucial times when the severity ranges more than normal level.

2- Braces

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Another method on how to fix bucked teeth is the braces. Many orthodontists recommend braces for fixing bugs bunny teeth. It is one of the earlier steps to prevent open bites to get severe. It is followed by orthodontic treatment in which the movement of back teeth and back jaws is required. Children in the growing age are recommended this kind of treatment since it is easier to produce life-changing results in this age.

3- Palate Extension

invisalign buck teeth

When a patient’s jaw is too small to handle the growth of teeth, the treatment used for how to fix bucked teeth is known as palate expansion. For this purpose, a palate expander is used, which is attached with the upper molar and with the help of expansion screw that slowly expands the palate.

4- Aligners

how to get rid of buck teeth

When the condition of bugs bunny teeth is not severe, invisible aligners can be used. An option in how to fix bucked teeth are the aligners as they are convenient and are much more comfortable than the braces. They use less force. Most importantly, they can be removed easily when you need to brush or floss your teeth.

Why is Treatment of Buck Teeth Important?

what are buck teeth

Treatment of Buck teeth or bugs bunny teeth is important because it could lead to numerous benefits such as; 

• They give confidence as a cosmetic improvement has been made
• You can talk properly, eat properly and this can improve your speech to a great extent
• When you’re living with bugs bunny teeth, your chewing efficiency is not to the level as it should be, in order to avoid that you need to get treatment for your buck teeth

To decrease the chances of bugs bunny teeth in your kids, make sure to develop healthy habits such that they don’t get buck teeth from thumb-sucking. So, in order to inquire more about how to fix bucked teeth, make an appointment with your dentist and get acquainted with numerous benefits.

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