False Teeth: Costs, Cleaning, Alternative

False Teeth: Costs, Cleaning, Alternative

There are two things that make up a person’s personality i.e. hair and teeth.

Having a complete set of teeth can change your appearance to a great extent, which is why dentists are one of the highest paid workers in many countries. As a young individual, you have a full set of teeth but decaying of teeth with age is very common in today’s world.

This is where the permanent false teeth come in. Permanentfalse teeth or fake teeth are the removable teeth that are made up of acrylic, metal or nylon. They are supported by the gums and are used to replace the missing teeth. There are many problems that are associated with the gaps that are left behind because of the gaps in between teeth. The gaps usually cause hurdles while eating and speaking. So, in order to avoid these problems, people usually use false teeth.

False teeth or fake teeth can be used in the following ways;

  1. Complete Dentures
  2. Partial Dentures
  3. Removable Dentures
  4. Flexible Dentures

Complete Dentures

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This form of permanent false teeth is used when all of your upper or lower teeth need to be replaced with fake teeth. Your gums are the supportive anchor that is used to fit in the complete dentures.


It is not a one-time process because with the time you will have to revisit your dentist. The complete dentures require relining and remaking so that they can be adjusted with your gums.

Partial Dentures

permanent false teeth

This form of temporary false teeth is used to replace the gaps that are left by removing one or more missing teeth. The number of false teeth that partial dentures will have, will depend upon the number of teeth that you’re missing.

Partial dentures are supported by your natural teeth which make the use of fake teeth easier.  The clips are attached to your natural teeth and the color of these clips is matched with your tooth and gum. The clips are measured according to your mouth.

Removable Dentures

modern false teeth

One great element of these permanent false teeth is that they are pretty easy to clean but on the other side they can just as easily be slipped out of position. In some cases, people wearing removable dentures experienced disbalance of these false teeth while chewing hard food. These fake teeth normally last from three years to five years and soon after that, they need to be replaced with a new pair.

Flexible Dentures

temporary false teeth

These types of false teeth are made with flexible and durable material that make it a comfortable wear and owing to its translucent resin, the color of flexible dentures mix with the gum color of your mouth.

In addition to that, they don’t have any secondary clips that can be seen strung. They carry less weight and they are good for use up to eight years.

To sum up all the types of dentures, they can be categorized into two main classifications which are; 
• Plastic Partial Denture 
• Metal Partial Denture

The main difference between plastic partial dentures and metal partial dentures is the alloy of cobalt that is used along with chromium. The use of these metal elements is what makes these metal dentures strong. To your surprise, these are the fake teeth that look real.

Why Do You Need Dentures?

realistic false teeth

There are a lot of reasons as to why you would need permanent false teeth. It could be to replace one or more missing teeth. Majority of us go through an incident in which we lose our teeth or damage our mouth tissue, which calls for the removal of teeth. For some of us, getting dentures or permanent false teeth becomes necessary.

Another reason that some of you might want to go for permanent false teeth is aging. Aging is directly linked with loss of teeth, meaning the more your age is, the more you’re likely to lose your teeth. A second name given to these permanent false teeth is the modern permanent teeth.

According to the Oral Health Foundation, there are going to be two billion people near to the age of 60 or even older than this. This number is twice more than it is today.

Cost of Modern False Teeth

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If you’re wondering about the price of modern false teeth, then you need to understand that these costs depend mainly on the condition of your gums and the choice of dentures you opt for.

For instance, If you go for partial dentures, the price for these modern false teeth is going to vary according to the dentist and the number of teeth you opt for while the same can be said about the flexible dentures.

In order to maintain the modern false teeth in a good state, you need to clean them on a regular basis, it includes, removing plaque and food debris from these dentures. 
Fake teeth that look really should be kept clean. To help you clean the dentures, we are going to discuss a few ways to clean these modern false teeth; 
• Use toothpaste or even soap to remove food particles from your dentures by the help of a toothbrush
• Take denture-cleaning tablets to remove bacteria from the dentures 
• Don’t scrub the dentures too hard, as you might end up damaging them

Alternatives to Dentures

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Apart from temporary fake teeth that look real, many people choose false teeth implants. You can either get an implant for one set of teeth or you can get an implant for the whole set of teeth.

Some of the alternatives to dentures that are used by the people are;

  • Veneers, that are a thin layer of porcelain which make existing teeth look healthy, usually used for false front tooth
  • Bridges, these use a fake crown to hold them in place. It is usually cemented to the neighboring teeth

Rememberyou are wearing dentures in order to use fake teeth that look real because you care about your appearance and once you get these fake teeth that look real, you need to take care of them.

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