Crooked Teeth Causes and Natural Treatment

Crooked Teeth Causes and Natural Treatment

Teeth don’t always grow out in a straight manner. For most people, they grow in a random angle, unevenly spaced and they are called crooked teeth.

What does crook mean?

The crooked bottom tooth is misaligned teeth, that are not in relation with each other. They are cosmetically abnormal and cause several other problems for the particular person as well, for instance, a person with crooked tooth may have trouble chewing food or crooked teeth some times cause trouble while speaking. 
Crooked teeth can further lead to; 
• Overbite 
• Underbite 

When your upper teeth protrude over your lower teeth, that is called overbite. The proportion by which the upper teeth protrude normally ranges from 30-50 percent in an overbite. 

While Underbite refers to a dental condition in which the lower teeth extend outward more than the upper teeth.

Causes for Crooked Teeth

crooked tooth

In order to learn in depth about the crooked tooth, we are going to share with you, let’s see what causes crooked teeth;

1- Incorrect Jaw Development

crooked bottom tooth

A more medical name given to incorrect development of jaw, teeth or any skeletal development is cranial imbalances. Crooked teeth can develop in children when their jaw development is not correct, this results in misdirected growth of jaw bones. 
A wide palate leads to a child’s correct strong jaw or upper teeth development. 
The center of facial growth is known as the maxilla. Its development is affected by nasal breathing as well as your tongue posture. If maxilla is undergrown, you’ll see; 
• V-shaped Palate
• Long face, usually very thin looking from the front 
• Very insignificant cheekbone
• Uneven eyes 
• Crooked Teeth

2- Nasal Airway Impediment

A proper jaw and teeth development is central to nasal breathing. A normal person on an average breathes about 20,000-30,000 breaths which means that the normal breathing provides the external assistance in expanding the maxilla and upper jaw.

When you’re suffering from a chronic blocked sinus or nasal obstruction for that matter, you’ll develop a habit of breathing from your mouth. This habit might seem normal to you but in reality, it causes the pressure in the nasal airway to increase which in turn increases your habit of open mouth breathing. 

These nasal airways when impacted by nasal blockages and chronic blockage lead to improper development of facial features.

3- Tongue Posture

crooked baby tooth

The correct tongue posture makes the tip and back of the tongue touch up against the palate in a way in which our tongue presses up towards the palate, in turn, activating all the muscles that are in sync with the skull, spine and the throat. Incorrect tongue posture can cause crooked bottom tooth and can cause hurdles in speech.

4- Oral Behaviors

One of the most common cause for the crooked tooth is poor habit of children in which they suck their thumb, this leads to an oral development impairment. Pacifiers can also cause crooked baby tooth and to answer this in detail, it can lead to an open bite.

5- Genes

crooked baby teeth

Genes play an important role in the crooked baby tooth as it begins from birth. Malocclusion is easiest to cure in its initial stages, meaning that in order to fight crooked baby tooth, it is important for the parents to change the habits of their children which can cause malocclusion.

People with crooked tooth go through several problems that can be solved only if they get proper treatment for their crooked teeth whether it is crooked front teeth or crooked bottom tooth. To make it more evident we have listed some of them down below;

  • Unable to properly chew their food
  • Unable to clean the crooked teeth properly which increases the risk of tooth decay and cavities
  • Strains the teeth, jaw, muscles and the risk of getting their crooked teeth broken also increases

Stressed about their appearance which in turn affects their self-esteem

Treatment for Crooked Teeth, Overbite and Underbite

crooked definition

One of the best ways to treat crooked teeth is to visit an orthodontist. Based on the alignment of your teeth, your orthodontist can give you the best solution for your problem whether it is related to the crooked bottom tooth or crooked front teeth.

In some cases, a removable retainer is preferred by some people who try to rectify this problem by stabilizing the new position of their teeth. In a situation where you could be facing the difficulty of overcrowding, you need to know that removing a crooked tooth could be your only solution.

If it’s in the lower jaw then you might need to remove your crooked bottom tooth while if it’s in the front side of your mouth then you might have to deal with crooked front teeth.

Braces are another solution to treat crooked teeth but for some, it’s an expensive and painful way of dealing with this problem.

For kids, Dealing with crooked baby tooth at an early stage is the best cure. If the kid is going through underbite which is not severe then it is better for the parents to get their kid braces whereas if the kid is going through the crooked baby tooth and it is severe then a surgery might be required.

Orthodontic treatments are very hard to go through since they require a lot of money and time for your crooked front teeth to heal. A normal orthodontic treatment can last from a few months to almost a few years. Retainers are a must for every patient to wear after every initial treatment. They help you keep the teeth in the new positions and make sure that the teeth to move into the old arrangement.

It is very important for everyone who has crooked front teeth to get treatment because it not only makes your smile look better but it makes it easier for you to clean your teeth. Removing floss is crucial to keep your teeth healthy as they increase the chances of tooth decay in your mouth.

So, It is permissible to say that a well-aligned bite helps in equal distribution of forces while you’re chewing and will keep your self-esteem intact, as you will smile better and feel better.

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