Chipped or Cracked Tooth – Treatments and Repair

Chipped or Cracked Tooth – Treatments and Repair

The term chipped or cracked tooth clears at first reading that we are talking about partially or completely broken tooth. But every broken tooth is not a chippedtooth or cracked tooth. What do I mean – you will get an answer to this question if you will read further.

What is Chipped Tooth?

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If a tiny part of your tooth is broken then normally front tooth and front side, then it is called chipped tooth. A chipped tooth is not painful normally if the chipped part hasn’t exposed the nerves, roots or the inner sensitive layer of the teeth. But if an adequate part of the tooth is chipped then there are chances that sensitive layer or nerves would have been exposed and this may lead to tooth sensitivity issue or the toothache. You will feel unbearable sensation in your teeth while eating thing cold or hot. It may also cause pain while chewing food. If anything like that happens, you must your dentist for proper treatment. Normally in such cases, the dentist recommendstooth crow so that the chipped part may be filled and you may have again the proper tooth shape. It will also help the risk of further damage to your chipped tooth.

What is a Cracked Tooth?

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A crack may be just a mark due to damaged out enamel of your tooth or it can be an actual crack in your tooth. The first type of cracked tooth is not painful or even a thing to worry about but the second type of cracked tooth is something that can give you some serious pain.

An actually cracked tooth can be painful because it will expose the sensitive nerves and roots of the tooth and whenever you will eat, chew or drink something, you will feel the pain. It may also increase the sensitivity and while eating or drinking hot and cold things, you will feel strange sensation and pain.

If your tooth gets cracked, you must consult your dentist for cracked tooth repair otherwise there’s a chance that you may get teeth stains, infection, cavity or even tooth decay.

Chipped Tooth or Broken Tooth Causes

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There can be plenty of causes of the chipped tooth or even broken tooth. Most common causes of the chipped tooth are:

1- Hard Hit

If you get accidentally a hard hit on your face like, during sports activity, you may lose part or a complete tooth.

2- Bad Bite

There are chances that while eating, something hard comes under your teeth like a chip of stone. It may cause chipped or broken tooth.

3- Cavities

Cavities can give some serious damage to your teeth if left untreated. Untreated cavities can cause chipped tooth or tooth decay.

4- Teeth Grinding

Mostly the kids but some of the adults have teeth grinding habit. These teeth grinding habit is termed as Bruxism by the professionals. Excessive teeth grinding can cause some serious damage to your teeth including chipped tooth or even loose and cracked tooth.

5- Poor Hygiene

If you won’t take proper care of your tooth hygiene then this may lead to alarming damages like infection, cavities, bad breath, yellow teeth, teeth stains and even chipped tooth.

Chipped Tooth Treatment and Repair

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Chipped tooth treatment depends upon its type whether it’s a small, medium or large chipped tooth. It also depends upon whether it shipped a front tooth or some other tooth at back.

1- Small Chipped Tooth

If the broken part of the tooth was very small, then there’s nothing to worry about. Just to your dentist who will level the surface of the tooth by little grinding and polishing. This smoothing and polishing will be enough for a small chipped tooth.

2- Medium Chipped Tooth

If this chip you lost was not small enough to be treated with mere grinding and polishing, then our dentist may recommend you crown or cap over the broken part to restore the original shape of the teeth and to reduce the risk of sensitivity.

3- Large Chipped Tooth

If you have lost a good part of the teeth due to the cavity, then you may have to think about the painful treatment i.e. root canal. And after that crown or tooth cap will have to be placed to repair the chipped tooth.


tooth repair

A chipped tooth must be shown to the dentist to get a better idea of what to do next. But dentists do not always give you an immediate appointment. While waiting for your appointment with the dentist, you may take the following steps are pre-treatment of a chipped tooth.

• Rinse with warm water. It will give you some relief from the pain.
• If the tooth is bleeding because got a bad bite or hard hit accidentally, then with the help of apply pressure to stop bleeding.
• If you failed to get the same day appointment with your dentist, then the better idea is to get dental cement from your nearest medical store and cover the chipped teeth with this dental cement for temporary chipped tooth repair at home. It will reduce the risk of further damage to the chipped tooth.


fix chipped tooth

After you get treatment for chipped teeth, you must take extra care for your chipped teeth and overall oral health. Take proper care of teeth cleaning by brushing your teeth two times a day. Or after eating every food which sticks onto your teeth.

Cracked Tooth Treatment and Repair

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In earlier paragraphs, we discussed two types of a cracked tooth. Here we will discuss a little in detail the types of the cracked tooth and the cracked tooth treatment.

1- Simple Cracked Tooth

Simply cracked tooth is simply the craze lines due to damaged tooth enamel. This type of cracked tooth is not to worry about and no tooth repair is required. Mere polishing the tooth by some professional will remove this type of crack.

2- Serious Cracked Tooth

If the crack is not just on the enamel, rather it has gone deeper to the inner layer or even to the nerves and root of the tooth then this is some serious crack and you must visit your dentist earliest.

3- Split Tooth

Sometimes the crack split the tooth vertically and it is some serious kind of crack which needs treatment or repair. In extreme cases,the dentist may remove the cracked tooth so that it can be replaced.

4- Split Root

If the crack is in the roots or has reached the roots, then this type of cracked tooth is painful enough to cause you a fever. This type of cracked tooth must be treated immediately else there’s a risk of infection.
Cracked tooth treatment depends upon the type of cracked tooth you have. You must always get your cracked tooth treated with some professional. Don’t try any treatment at home in this case because it’s a sensitive issue which must be dealt with by the professional only.

Tooth Bonding

If the cracked tooth is partially cracked and the crack hasn’t damaged the roots, then the dentist may fill and repair a cracked tooth by filling the bonding material in the crack.

Tooth Splint

If the crack as caused the tooth to loosen its grip, then dentist often bond the damaged teeth with the next tooth. It will strengthen the loose teeth and will let it heal without any further damage.

Root Canal

If the crack has caused some serious damage to the roots or the pulp of the tooth, the dentist may suggest root canal where he will remove the damaged root and the pulp by filling the bonding material. Tooth crown or cap will also be used to repair the cracked tooth.

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