Bleeding Gums Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis

Bleeding Gums Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis

If you have bleeding gums, then it is a thing to worry about! One of major bleeding gums causes is unhygienic teeth. Plaque contains germs which attack the healthy tissue around the teeth. This plaque causes the gums to get irritated and hence causes swelling and pain. Eventually, all of this causes bleeding in gums. Especially when you brush or floss your teeth this problem generally occurs. This problem is called as gingivitis.

Gingivitis is actually a condition in which you don’t feel any pain or sting while bleeding however bleeding gums are the only symptoms of it. Some of the other signs of it include swollen, red or dark gums. You can also have bad breath and bad taste while eating or drinking anything. This disease can be easily treated. Yes! You heard that right; bleeding gums treatment is very much possible.

What are Bleeding Gums Causes?

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Plaque that is not removed regularly by brushing teeth or flossing results in damaging your gums and teeth. Actually what happens is when you eat food and don’t brush the food particles stay in your mouth? The saliva of your mouthy tries to digest this food particle and turns it into plaque. This plaque stays on your roots and your gums. Now if this is not cleaned on a regular basis, it can start wearing off the enamel and can form large pockets between your teeth and your gums. Germs and bacteria can get trap in these pockets. This attacks the gums very badly and also effects your teeth bone if not treated for some time. So now if you ask why are my gums bleeding you may have got the answer. It is only because of the unhygienic routine you had of your mouth. These are the bleeding gums causes.

So when the plaque reaches your bone, this condition turns more severe and is called as periodontitis. This can further cause you the tooth loss and overall health issue which include fever, jaw pain, neck swelling.

It is very much important on how to stop bleeding gums, but first, you need to go to a dentist to get a proper check-up of your bleeding gums.

How Can Bleeding Gums Affect Your Overall Health?

Gums diseases are very much sense, and you must try to get them to cure as soon as possible. Bleeding gums when brushing teeth is a very common sign, but you have to get rid of it. You may not want to see blood every time you spit out after brushing or eating fruits. You must be very careful as it can affect your health. As bleeding gums are related to a blood disease in some cases, so it is important to get It checked as many diseases are linked to it. These include diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. A person’s sexual health can also be affected due to bleeding gums so you should not ignore bleeding gums at all.

Common Reasons for Bleeding Gums

There are many reasons for bleeding gums. Some of them are as under:


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Bleeding gum is common for unhygienic measures, but it is also a result of your age. As you grow up, your age gums start to weaken. You may also suffer from tooth loss and other dental problems.

According to some reports, 50% of the adults over 35 years of age suffer from gum bleeding for no reason. Moreover, 70% of adults over 60 years of age have gum diseases. So its best to get your teeth intact and clean at an early age.


Stress is linked as a trigger to almost every disease, and it’s a fact, if your mind is not at peace, you cannot fight back to any disease even if you’ve got the best home remedies for bleeding gums or any other disease. Get rid of stress and anti-depression pills. Stay happy and fight for your good health.


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Some medicines can also cause bleeding gums. If you want to stop bleeding gums, then stop using these medicines. Bleeding gums pregnancy is a very commonly discussed topic. Women who are pregnant have supplements can also get bleeding gums. Don’t take anti-depressant pills, heart medications or oral contraceptives. All of these can cause bleeding gums. You must get in touch with a doctor to get full details on which medicine is causing it, and you must ask him for bleeding gum remedy or bleeding gum cure.


Yes! You may also get gum bleeding or any gum disease just because your parents had it and you have to have it because it’s in your genetics. Your doctor or dentist can test a simple genetic test to know whether you have it in your genes or not.


  1. Poor hygiene as mentioned earlier is the biggest cause of bleeding gums.
  2. Poor nutrition is also one of the key reasons for bleeding gums. You may be having a deficiency of some vitamin or calcium. Just improve your diet.
  3. Grinding teeth can cause enamel loss and can eventually affect your gums which will cause bleeding, and pain so tries not to grind them as there is no need to.
  4. Tobacco users also have the highest rate of bleeding gums and let us clear you that you can never get well by using home remedies for bleeding gums until and unless you quit smoking.

So you must know now that you must not take bleeding gums lightly and get them treated as soon as possible as it can turn into a real mess and you can get an infection.

Other than all that you must make sure you brush your teeth twice a day, this is the best remedy to get rid of every dental disease in the world. Make sure you take care of your teeth and don’t use any of the above stuff to make the situation worse. Give us your feedback and share your experience with us on how you fought with bleeding gums.

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